Over a period has developed strategic network that's put to work on a project basis

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MapWorld over a period has developed strategic network that's put to work on a project basis. This network brings experience and expertise that provides the company with the strength to take up projects of any size and nature in a wide range of business areas.

GIS Consultancy

MapWorld offers comprehensive GIS Consultancy Services in:
Assessing the needs of the client with respect to GIS.
Assessment of geographical data requirements.
Study and laying of procedures and methods for Data collection, Data classification and Database Maintenance.
System requirement for GIS Implementation.
GIS Cost/Benefit Studies.
GIS design and analysis.
GIS Implementation methods and Training.


Telecom, Power, Water and Sewerage come under utility mapping. MapWorld has experience and expertise in creating digital database for solutions in utility mapping.


Internet Mapping has become integral part of many organizations serving customers globally. MapWorld can bring your organization's maps, spatial data and other databases to the web. MapWorld can design, develop, implement and support your Internet mapping application, and also link your data to existing web-based mapping systems.

Field Surveys

Any Field Survey requires accuracy planimetric and Height control. The accuracy of this control work has to be compatible with scale of mapping. MapWorld has experience in Cadastral Survey, Route and alignment surveys, Topographic Design Surveys etc.

Satellite Remote Sensing (Image Processing)

Image processing software is useful in viewing, georeferencing, mosaicing and classifying the Satellite data. MapWorld Technologies has carried out supervised and unsupervised classifications of Remote Sensing Data.


MapWorld has well trained and experienced professionals to undertake Photogrammetric Mapping:
Feature Extraction / 3D Digitization
DTM/DEM Creation & Contouring.
Ortho Rectification.

Business GIS

GIS supports business goals and MapWorld makes it work for you!
Locating New Customers.
Qualifying ideal customers.
Streamlining customer service.
Reducing land acquisition costs through better analysis.
Reducing fleet maintenance costs through better logistics.
Analyzing sales data quickly-geographically.
Selecting the right site for a new store.
Identifying stores with least impact on closure.
Integrating management of various departments.

Map Data Products

MapWorld offers off-the-shelf map data products, these maps have been created by combining sources such as paper maps, satellite imagery, and survey data. The company has detailed map-data including demographic information of major cities of India.


Digitizing source maps or converting existing data to GIS-ready formats. MapWorld offers services for digitizing from all kinds of media and transforming geographically oriented data from a multitude of source data into whatever you need with quick turn around and high degree of accuracy.

Vehicle Tracking System

MapWorld Technologies Ltd. ITS-T3 Vehicle Tracking System is a web based solution which is developed and deployed using state of art technology with appropriate Authentication & Authorization methodologies & open standards.

Vehicle Tracking System allows the Department to track, trace and monitor their vehicles in real time using GSM / GPRS technology. It sends the location address to a central server at a pre defined interval. It also sends alerts to the computer or to a mobile phone whenever an exceptional event has occurred such as erratic vehicle movements, excessive speeding etc.

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