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Established in 1991, MapWorld Technologies remains a client-focused geospatial company, committed to producing quality and tailored software products. MapWorld is the leading provider of advanced and cost-effective geospatial software, digital photogrammetry solutions and aerial mapping services to the global geospatial community.

MapWorld has entered into strategic partnership with leading geospatial software manufacturer for distribution of SuperMap GIS, which is a complete integration of a series of GIS platform software suite, PHOTOMOD, one of the first digital photogrammetric systems in the market and Easy Trace, a versatile software package developed for quick and high-grade digitization of diverse cartographic materials.

MapWorld specializes in data acquisition and has significant experience in providing high-resolution aerial photography and handling mapping projects, large and small. We utilize the most modern methods in the field of aerial photography and surveying in order to provide our clients with the most up-to-date high precision map data. MapWorld has more than 21 years long history of providing geospatial software and map data to the worldwide geoinformatics market.

The company is now making forays into commercial distribution of very high resolution earth observation SAR data. Mapworld is equipped to handle projects of virtually any size and scope for private and public entities of all disciplines.

What we do

  • Super Map
  • PhotoMod
  • Easy Trace
  • 3D Stealth Mouse
  • HandHeld GPS

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