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SuperMap GIS is a large GIS package developed by SuperMap Software Co., Ltd., which covers a wide range of products, including Desktop GIS, Component GIS, Service GIS, Mobile GIS, Spatial Database Engine, Navigation Application Development Platform as well as related spatial data generation, processing and management tools.

The PHOTOMOD software family comprises a wide range of products for the remote sensing data photogrammetric processing. This state-of-the-art software allows the extraction of geometrically accurate spatial information from almost all commercially available types of imagery, whether obtained by film or digital cameras, satellite scanners or synthetic aperture radars.

Easy Trace Pro is a COTS application for doing raster to vector conversion. This raster to vector conversion program is released by the Easy Trace Group. Easy Trace is very feature-rich and integrates very closely with ArcGIS, SuperMap, MapInfo, AutoCAD etc. . The latest ET version provides tenfold and greater vectorizing acceleration even for shabby color maps.

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